Lauren Nascette
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Other names Wren
Etheral (deprecated)
Created on January 5, 2017
Birthday September 14 (age 24)
Height 5'01'' (155 cm)
Species Human
Pronouns she / her

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Lauren "Wren" Nascette is a character created by me. She is the first major entry in my canon.

Being my oldest character, Wren has undergone the most changes to her personality and background lore. Originally, she had been named "Etheral", and first used as a simple roleplaying character; over time, as I fleshed out her character, she ended up becoming the "everyman" OC I feel like everyone has at least one of. I officially renamed her to Wren in October 2022.

Wren as she is depicted was designed by myself.

About this character


Wren was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a young child, she expressed an interest in computer electronics, and frequently shadowed her father, who worked as a hardware engineer. In school, she excelled in math and science courses, and eventually took up passive research in biomechanics.

On January 8, 2017, Wren, her parents, and her younger sister, Angela, were of the victims caught in an avalanche while on a family skiing trip in nearby Sudbury, Ontario. Wren was the only person of her family to survive the incident. Distraught and emotionally lost, Wren fled across the border to the United States, eventually settling down and attempting to clear through her traumas.

Wren currently resides in the state of Pennsylvania, sharing a living space with Lina, Azzie, and her partner, Delphine.


Wren's design has remained largely consistent in the time she's existed. Her most prominent physical features are her bright red hair and purple eyes; both of these resulted from her testing with genetic modulation. She is otherwise physically unremarkable.

When it comes to outfits, Wren's preference is for plain-colored articles of clothing, mostly in pink, red, or black. In colder weather, she wears a hooded fuchsia sweatshirt. Wren dislikes wearing skirts, and will almost exclusively wear jeans or sweatpants out of preference; similarly, she dislikes wearing clothes that expose her stomach.


Wren is cordial and generally polite, though has a short temper and is prone to excessive sarcasm and swearing. It takes her a long time to open up to others, but around those she does trust, she is surprisingly tender and loving.

Wren is an amateur biomechanical engineer, and primarily focuses on rapid genetic modulation. She also has a vested interest in transdimensional travel, and was the first person to identify the existence of what is now named the Dimensional Indexing System.