A picture of Menthe, the character described on this page.
Date created March 22, 2024
Birthday December 16 (age 21)
Height 4'04'' (132 cm)
Species M. campanulae
Pronouns they / she

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Menthe is a character created by me. They are the seventh and currently most recent major entry in my canon.

Menthe was designed with the express purpose of acting as my fursona. I struggled with having very many good ideas for a fursona for a long time, simply because I couldn't find a species to accurately depict myself, but I'm quite pleased with what I ended up choosing here.

Menthe as they are depicted here was designed jointly by myself and Allister, who also provided the art shown.

About this character

Menthe is a bellflower resin bee, a subspecies of leafcutter bee native to the eastern United States. Of special note are their mint-green bodily fur and the pairs of dark brown stripes on each of their limbs; both are design choices that I made to give Menthe a personal flair. Menthe emits an ambient smell similar to that given off by certain species of mint plants.

Menthe has many features typical of other anthropomorphic bee characters, including having four upper limbs, an abdomen possessing a stinger, and compound eyes. Their body is segmented, twice in the torso and once in each limb. Menthe's wings are slightly translucent and capable of sustained flight, though not during precipitation. They usually prefer to hover for much shorter distances. Menthe additionally has very poor coordination when attempting to use more than two of their arms simultaneously.

Menthe is saccharivorous and primarily eats candies and confections, or other foodstuffs that are high in sugar. Their body metabolizes sugar compounds incredibly efficiently, and they may choose to convert such compounds into a sweet syrup that is secreted similarly to honey. Their flavor preferences include mint, honey, and chocolate.

Menthe has a moderate pollen allergy, and needs to take a daily antihistamine medicine to control it. They work as a florist in a small suburban town. Menthe does not typically wear clothing aside from her work apron; their justification for this being that "anything else gets in the way of my wings."

Menthe is typically excitable and high-energy, though has occasional anger-induced outbursts. This is most commonly induced by misenunciating their name; pronouncing it as one syllable instead of two can and has resulted in physical altercations. Additionally, they have strong negative reactions both to having their fur be petted or stroked and to having references be made to their height.